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The many challenges for IPL Franchises in UAE

Emirates cricket board has confirmed getting an intent letter from BCCI to host IPL 2020 in UAE. But BCCI hasn’t informed the IPL franchises of further process of conducting IPL which has created confusions and challenges for franchises. The follows are challenges which franchises could face.


The franchises had onboarded sponsors in Feb 2020 when IPL was scheduled in March. Post Covid-19 the matches will be telecasted from UAE, therefore renegotiation of contracts with sponsors requires time but BCCI hasn’t given any clarity on that.

Gate Money:

Every franchise earns approx 2.5 to 3 crores INR through gate money, but in case the matches are played behind closed doors or even with limited crowds, there will be huge losses for franchises. Can the BCCI compensate for the losses?


Around 16,000 nights rooms are booked at every season of IPL in India. However, this year’s accommodation being pushed to UAE increases the budget for franchises to accommodate players and staff.

Player’s safety:

Although the quarantine rules in UAE are not as strict as other countries, the players have to be in that bio secure bubble. In that case, will the BCCI allow the player’s families, wifies and girlfriends to travel and stay along with them for a period of 2 months?

There are many questions for franchise which the BCCI has to answer. Let’s hope BCCI updates all the info in the coming up days.

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