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BCCI Plans to organize domestic tournaments like Ranji Trophy and Syed Mustaq Ali from November

BCCI plans to host the Syed Mustaq Ali T20 series and Ranji Trophy series from November 19. However, players participating in the IPL series, which will be held from September 19 to November 10, will not be able to play in the opening matches of the series due to reasons including quarantine. The decision, which has been sent to BCCI’s President Saurav Ganguly and Secretary Jay Shah for approval, is tentative and may be amended.

The Syed Mustaq Ali T20 Cup and Ranji Trophy, scheduled for December and March, have been postponed due to the coronavirus. In all, 38 teams in 245 matches of these were cancelled and the players were restricted to home.

The IPL 2020 series is scheduled to be held in the UAE from September 19 to November 19 in a context where no series, including the IPL, has been held in India for the past 4 months. Players from 8 teams will travel to the UAE on the 20th. There they are involved in quarantine, training, etc. and then continue to compete.

BCCI’s project in this situation is to focus on local matches coming up next. The Syed Mustaq Ali Cup T20 and Ranji Trophy will be held from November 19, the notice has been sent to President Saurav Ganguly and Secretary Jay Shah for approval.

The IPL matches will be held till November 10, some of the players will not be able to participate in the opening matches of the local series. They can play in these series only after undergoing the 14-day quarantine.

A BCCI official said that a tentative list of local matches has been prepared and changes could be made to suit different circumstances. It is said that Ganguly and Jay Shah will make the final decision.

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