The T20 World Cup is scheduled to be held in India next year. However, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has decided on alternative venues to host in Sri Lanka or the UAE if the situation does not improve. In fact, it is very obvious to announce alternative venues for mega tournaments like the World Cup. This has always been the norm. The current corona epidemic is nothing new proposed.

In India, the corona crisis continues to grow rapidly. India is already in the top 3 with 24 lakh (2.4 million) cases. The question arises for the most cricket fan is what will happen to the mega event (World T20) if the coronavirus does not come under control within the next year. Now the ICC’s decision seems to have answered this question.

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All arrangements have already been made to host the 13th season of the IPL in the UAE but it is uncertain whether BCCI will be able to host IPL 2021 in India. Although WT20 is quite a long way to go, you must always be ready with plan B.

India doesn’t have a bilateral series at home this year but next year they will have to host England. If the pandemic continues it won’t be a surprise that they will adopt UAE as their home venue and continue till World T20 2021. Hopefully, we expect the pandemic not to go on for so long and we see matches in India next year onwards. Sri Lanka is the secondary option to host next year’s T20 World Cup.