Choosing your captain in the fantasy cricket team is quite a task to bear for beginners. Yes, you must know some useful factors required for a player to be the team’s captain. For that, you must consider this guide as a primary source.

Talking about some factors, fantasy sports are getting quite popular day by day. In case you’re not so familiar with the current conditions of cricket, it might be a tough task to predict. However, it is of utmost necessity to know your players well.

While picking your captain and playing with the entire team, your captain can earn 2x points for you in the game. For every match, you have to set up your captain (and vice-captain).

Those who play fantasy cricket regularly and are also familiar with the new trends and updates in the dynamic cricketing world would find it easy to select a captain and vice captain for their team.

As such, the below-mentioned tips will help you find the right choice of your captain spot for upcoming fantasy cricket games in My11Circle.

These tips are as follows:

  1. You must pick a player as your captain who will show himself with the team for 100%. This means one ought to ensure you’re playing with 11 spots in the game. 
  2. Confirm the current form of your player. If they are in good form, take the chance by making him your team’s captain. 
  3. Consider the pitch conditions and your captain’s performance under these circumstances. A player good with spinners and fast bowlers and can both bowl and be the captain. All you need to know is, to make an all-rounder (in-form player) as your captain. 
  4. Spread your team with the right positions to fetch points in the entire match. This rule is the same for both captains as well as vice-captains. Picking captains from different teams can increase the chances of fetching maximum points at the end of the matches.
  5. Picking a captain carefully is essential when you’re facing a strong opponent. Some players possess the likeness to face opponent bowlers for scoring maximum runs. So, know the player’s statistics and choose your captain to obtain more points. 
  6. If you want a bowler as your captain, then you should know that you can earn more points when he picks maximum wickets with a good economy rate. 
  7. It is pretty essential to place an all-rounder in your fantasy cricket team. In My11Circle, you can make an all-rounder as your captain (or vice-captain) to perform. The important reason is that he can fetch more points through his excellent batting and bowling. 
  8. Further, do not forget to check on good cricket review websites. Following these cricket analyses will render you a better choice to pick your captain for upcoming matches or tournaments. 
  9. Try playing with some unique combinations of captains on different matches. 

The Final Thought!

If you play fantasy cricket regularly, you will know the importance of choosing a captain and a vice-captain for your team. 

Fantasy cricket on My11Circle is more like permutation and combination. Picking the right team with the right captain is all about granting you enough points.