While India vs Pakistan may be the most famous rivalry in the sport, Pakistan vs England is a cricket fixture with a character all of its own. It’s always played on the edge and has provided us with some classic matches over the years.

That said, we’re going to look at three fascinating statistics about the Pakistan vs England rivalry below:

It all started with a bucket of water

Back in December 1955, a strong MCC team spearheaded by Donald Carr made the trip to Pakistan. They viewed themselves as cricketing missionaries, yet they ended up receiving a diplomatic soaking.

Although the matches were not part of an official Test tour, the level of intensity was the same. Pakistan was victorious, with some partisan umpiring playing a role, which even irked Iskander Mirza, Pakistan’s president-elect at the time.

Although tour relations were convivial, to begin with, the mood started to turn. A local official, Idris Begh, had a bucket of water tipped over him by one of Carr’s team. Some say he was furious, others say he took it in his stride. Whatever may be the case, Begh appeared in front of the press the following day, claiming to have been manhandled by the players, with his arm sporting a sling as proof.

This lit the fuse, so to speak. Local press demanded the team to be sent home, future social engagements were canceled, and protests raged inside and outside the ground.

2. England did not tour Pakistan for 13 years following their 1987 tour

When cricket tours commence, many people will head to top bookies like Bet 365 to bet on the outcome, but not even Mystic Meg could have predicted how the 1987 tour of Pakistan unfolded.

Pakistani umpire, Shakoor Rana, and English cricketer Mike Gatting got into a heated argument when Rana called Gatting a cheat.

Rana would not come out the following morning, with Gatting refusing to apologize until the England board made him do so.

The Test & County Cricket Board then incensed their Pakistani counterparts further by awarding every squad member a £1000 bonus for the difficulties they faced. Gatting was removed from captaincy six months later, and England never toured Pakistan again for the next 13 years.

3. Alleged spot-fixing overshadowed England’s massive win in 2010

In 2010, England clinched the series 3-1, in what was a massive win at the time. However, it was quickly overshadowed when a News of the World sting alleged spot-fixing by Pakistan during the Lord’s Test.

The series will forever be defined by the roles Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Asif, and Salman Butt played in delivering pre-ordered no-balls.

A confrontation in the nets between Wahab Riaz and Jonathan Trott summed up the acrimony that can come to the fore in a contest between Pakistan and England.

The fiercest of rivalries

There are some fierce rivalries in sports such as Manchester United vs Manchester City, Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier, Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics, and the list goes on. And one thing is for sure; Pakistan vs England is right up there.